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WELCOME to The Roycean: from Manchester to Crewe, via Derby, the award-winning annual journal for those with a serious interest in all aspects of the illustrious Rolls-Royce car company. We aim to include articles on the history of Rolls-Royce (and Derby- and Crewe-built Bentley) motor cars up to the 1960s, as well as articles on coachbuilders, dealers, the personalities involved with the cars, individual models of the cars made, and interesting owners.


Many of our readers will know The Rolls-Royce Owner magazine published in eight issues during 1963-64 by Jeremy Bacon. This magazine introduced enthusiasts to car discoveries, and historical material not seen before, to create a new appreciation of the company’s achievements. We at The Roycean hope that our annual journal will emulate Jeremy Bacon’s valuable contribution all those years ago.


If you are researching a topic, or would like to start a project, do get in touch so that we can offer any help you might need. We encourage anyone to contribute to the annual and hope that a new generation of researchers will gain the same pleasure when making historical discoveries as writers in The Roycean certainly have. There is an abundance of archival material still to be exploited and so many aspects of Rolls-Royce history that could be researched.


We are delighted to have the support and encouragement of the 20 Ghost Club, the world’s premier Rolls-Royce club (1949). In October 2012 The Roycean was awarded The Philip Hall Medal by the Sir Henry Royce Memorial Foundation, which brought with it a generous financial prize as well. The Foundation's commendation is greatly appreciated.



Editor – Tom Clarke,   [email protected]

Co-editor, Production – Will Morrison,   [email protected]

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The Hulme Press, United Kingdom



The Roycean would welcome contributions from Rolls-Royce and post-Cricklewood Bentley enthusiasts for consideration by the editor. Please send proposed articles and images in the following makeup if possible. The text would be ideal in Microsoft Word, with any photographs or illustrations in scanned form - descreened if necessary; scanned at 600 dpi and saved as a full (100%) jpeg. Please attribute any images sent. We look forward to hearing from you.